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The biggest Midjourney AI References and Style Library on the web. A list of 1425 Styles, Artists, Movements, Aesthetics and Techniques and more.

midjourney ai references and style library​

To create this Midjourney AI References and Style Library I fed it over 4000 names, techniques, genres, and styles using the same prompts: by <artist name> or <genre/style/etc>

I just started this list for fun, but it seems to end up like a big project for one person. So keep that in mind if a particular artist of genre is not in the list yet. You can always submit a suggestion though! 

What’s important to know is that the artist names, styles and genres modify Midjourney outputs in a distinct way that you can reproduce (mostly). If you want to know more please check out the About section or visit my Blog for regular updates!

Contact or feedback

Do you have any feedback, issues, style or artist suggestions? Or just a simple question?
Send me a message right here!

All images in this Midjourney AI Styles and ReferencesLibrary are generated by Journeyintoai.com.

Visit Midjourney.com for more information on how to get access.

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