How to Blend images in Midjourney

How to Blend images in Midjourney

In this tutorial, I will show you how to blend images in Midjourney. Blending is a very powerful tool that will change your outcomes drastically. You will get artwork and images that you never thought were possible to get. However, there are a few things you need to take into account to make it work properly.

Image Blending using /blend

/blend is the easiest type to understand. You take two (or more) images and blend them together. Midjourney does an extremely good job of merging two different images together.

Although you don’t need two images that resemble the same thing, the results are better when you try to merge images together that have a somewhat similar structure. They don’t need to have the same subject though.

Time for an example. Below are two images I generated earlier that I want to blend together. They have a different aspect ratio, but that’s ok. We can fix that easily. It also does not matter which image you put in first.

In Discord you type in /blend and you immediately get the option to select two images. You can add more, but in this example, I’ll do just the two.

For now, you can only choose between square, portrait(2:3), and landscape(3:2). Now Midjourney will blend both images. Both subjects and styles will be mixed into this!

How to Blend images in Midjourney

Image Blending using /imagine

But what if you want to have a different aspect ratio? Or maybe you want to add an extra prompt? I have got you covered. There is a way to blend images without using the /blend feature.

If you click on a generated image and open it in a browser, you will get the address of this particular image. Copy this address and use it in an /imagine command. Example: /imagine,, a young woman in a yellow dress with a house in the background –ar 4:5

How to Blend images in Midjourney

As you can see I can now add my desired Aspect Ratio and an extra prompt. I can put in whatever I would basically. Just like you would do with a regular prompt. However, you will have no idea what it will do. My advice would be to first blend both images. Either by using /blend or /imagine. See what the outcome is and go from there.

Clearly, blending with the extra prompt will give you a different outcome with the same style. As said, you can change the style while prompting again, but that might defeat the purpose. Anyway, there are loads of options to play with.

Using only one image

You can also do this using only one image. In this case, you will blend the image with your prompt. Let’s grab an image I generated some time ago (1st image) and blend it with the following prompt: An amazing-looking landscape full of trees and a river, cinematic lighting –ar 4:5 –v 5

Or maybe go a little bit crazier change the style as well and do: a spaceship flying over a sci-fi city, cinematic lighting, by Mike Mignola –ar 4:5 –v 5

How to Blend images in Midjourney

As you can see this is powerful stuff. Try to experiment with it all and see how thighs work out.

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